Whether it’s the one woman show “Where My Girls At” or performances on comedy stages around the country, Micia Mosely is redefining the definition of funny.

MiciaMoselyKhenetixMicia demonstrates that art has power when people take action. Art is not something to simply be consumed, but used to strengthen individuals and communities.

Micia reminds us that performers and audience members co-create experiences that prove people can come together and generate change.

Her recent performances highlight audience members participating in their own consciousness raising.

Micia Mosely loves to make people laugh, think and transform their lives. She’s uses improvisation, puppets, video, drumming, drag, power point, flip charts, lesbian processing –essentially whatever won’t get her arrested.

Check out her award nominated one-woman show, “Where My Girls At?”  She also travels as a comedic-speaker with The Lecture Bureau and performs her standup comedy and poetry all over the planet.