The one-woman show “Where My Girls At?” somewhat ironically labels itself a black lesbian satire. …Satire it is, but don’t let a label like that scare you.

It’s smart, timely, and also downright hilarious… Now, before you get worried that the show is this intense critique of race, gender, and politics, be assured that Mosely and director Tamilla Woodard are also very funny and very good at translating a sense of humor that makes everyone feel welcome.

And they do so without compromising on Mosely’s excellent writing. They do so without watering down the material to make it more palatable for audiences who aren’t exclusively comprised of beautiful black lesbians.

This proves once and for all that, yes, women can be funny. In fact, they can be hilarious. And thank goodness, because I was beginning to give up hope there were funny women out there.

~ J. Jordan,

“Where My Girls At?” written and performed by the talented Micia Mosely, is a laugh-out-loud comedy that pushes the envelope in too many ways to describe…”Where My Girls At?” is a great night out and a shining example of what a talented and flexible mind can do when given the freedom.

~ New York Amsterdam News


“Where My Girls At?” is an incredibly entertaining performance and Micia Mosely is both delightful and insightful.  The show has become an annual tradition in our new student orientation program, and each year it prompts new responses, critical questions, and a lot of good belly-laughs. Most importantly, Mosely finds a way to use humor to engage her audience in realizing the problems and limits of societal labels, and the inherent multi-layered nature of identity. Our students request Mosely’s  return year after year—Hampshire loves this show!

-Josiah S. Litant, Associate Dean of Students, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 

Hampshire College