In 2010 Micia co-starred in the New York run of Let Them Eat Cake a comedic exploration of Gay marriage.  She is currently working on her 2nd original play X-Marks The Spot an examination of the experiences of Generation X.

“Where My Girls At?” is a “thoughtful, provocative, and insanely funny” one woman show written and performed by the “multi-talented” Micia Mosely; .

Portraying five drastically different characters representing the diversity of Black lesbian experiences, Micia challenges the notion that there is only one way to be Black or queer in the 21st century.

A phenomenal one hour performance steeped in improv and audience participation, Where My Girls At? has thrilled audiences across the country from San Francisco, Detroit and New York to Amherst, Chapel Hill and Honolulu. A New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee, the show, while hilarious, continues to tackle difficult issues including inter and intra-group racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Written & Performed by Micia Mosely, Directed by Tamilla Woodard, Produced by Shalonda Ingram, A Nursha Project Production.


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[…] out this saturday night for a spectacular Late Night comedy event with Micia Mosely. Her one woman act is titled Where My Girls At? and looks at black lesbians through 5 diversely […]

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