Custom Workshop Design & Facilitation

Dr. Mosely’s workshops are designed and facilitated based on the core belief that given the right support and conditions, people can transform their school / organizational cultures and conditions to solve problems of equity in their environments.

Dr. Mosely utilizes her training and experience in teaching, educational reform and performance to design & facilitate innovative workshops that address challenging issues while keeping participants engaged.

Her methodology includes connecting theory and data analysis with social emotional experiences and artistic activities to develop creative solutions.

Leadership Coaching

Dr. Mosely utilizes her training and experience with (equity based non-profits) to offer a wide range of coaching support to leaders in schools and nonprofit organizations. Leadership coaching support may include:

  • Strategic planning, thought partnership and technical assistance
  • Engaging leaders in individual inquiry, research and learning around the necessary conditions to improve teaching and learning in their own schools / organizations.
  • Designing and aligning functions, responsibilities, programs, and resources
  • Facilitative leadership support and holistic agenda design
  • Strengthening and supporting collaboration, cultural competence, and trust throughout your school &/or organization
  • Communicating issues of racial equity to your board, staff and other key stakeholders.
  • Providing direct instruction and opportunities to share best practices in the high leverage areas of school / organizational design, leadership, community connections and teaching and learning
  • Systemically using equity and achievement data to inform practice and improvement