What People Are Saying

I know first hand how difficult it can be to immerse one’s self into an already established group of people. Micia not only gelled immediately with the entire Admin team, but she was also able to advise, challenge and improve the inner workings/infrastructure of that tight-knit group which I found to be an incredible feat.

Kahina Haynes, Principal’s Assistant, Cesar Chavez School for Public Policy, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.

Micia is an amazing facilitator. She brings experience, expertise, and people skills, all to the table. I appreciate her lack of jargon and her ability to say things in a way that is both intelligent and real.

Robert McCarty, Vice Principal Cesar Chavez School for Public Policy, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.

As a performer, Micia brings her sense of humor to the work she does as an educator, which creates a warm, comfortable environment where people can have difficult conversations without feeling threatened or intimidated.  She puts people at ease, and makes the topic at hand feel approachable, whatever it may be.

Bari Katz, National Training Specialist, Posse Foundation

Dr. Micia Mosely masterfully and thoughtfully engages students to elevate the dialogue around theory and practice.  Micia honors the transformational nature of teaching and learning by engaging body and mind of students through performativity.  Dr. Mosely’s use of performativity with students offsets their fear of public speaking, pushes their thinking beyond comfortable psychological and social borders as learners to become critical thinkers, and fosters a self-awareness and self-confidence that exchanges a binary analysis of the world for one that is more interdisciplinary, more humane, and more inclusive.

Julie Figueroa, Associate Professor of Chicano Studies, Sacramento State